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Core Technology

GENIC SKIN Patented DNA Bioengineering Technology

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We adopt patented bioengineering technologies including series of genetic programming systems on the manufacture of recombinant proteins. Through Core Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Technology and large-scale protein separation and purification technology (FPLC, HPLC), endow the reconstruction of protein and modification of amino acids. Genic skin Human-alike Growth Factors are thus produced, gene- sequence 100% identical with human.


Capitalize the power of recombinant proteins and transform them into our key actives, Genic skin Human-alike Growth Factors, reach directly to dermis. Its benefits to skin have been proven through numerous scientific studies: promote the growth of fibroblasts and stimulate collagen production, working in synergy with skin renewal process, strengthens skin barrier and helping create a more refined appearance.

Amplified by Science

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